A brief description of our services is set out below. We know that it takes more than information on a website to make a decision and so we welcome the opportunity for a confidential discussion about your needs, our pricing and packages or to arrange an obligation free initial consultation.

Executive & Organisational Coaching

We take a strengths and evidence based approach to executive and organisational coaching, working both one-on-one and in a team or group setting as needed. We offer coaching at your workplace or in an agreed venue with a typical engagement of 6+ months. We use a variety of coaching, leadership and self-management frameworks and techniques and ultimately look to build in self-coaching tools to sustain the coaching outcomes and learnings. Coach and coaching counterpart develop a goal landscape which is referred to and adapted as needed throughout the engagement and Assessment tools may be used as part of the coaching process. Coaching is about thinking differently and taking action; depending on the nature of the engagement both mindfulness and kinesthetic approaches may be used to deepen the coaching experience.

Group & Meeting Facilitation

We offer team, group and meeting facilitation services for all organisation types and levels in an organisation. Our facilitation offers an impartial and experienced means for your whole team to participate in a purpose-driven session that focuses on identifying the objectives, discussing options and outing any obstacles that need to be crossed so as to yield an action plan that takes into account the perspectives of each team member. Facilitation prevents personal agendas, alignment issues and personality clashes from dominating meetings so the focus is on the meeting purpose and required outcomes. Working from a prepared brief and often with the benefit of prior consultation with key stakeholders, we can also manage the event end-to-end so that all you have to do is turn up ready to work. Facilitation is often used in stressful and conflict situations but is just as effective in planning sessions, project and management meetings, strategy roundtables and at conferences and retreats.

Board & Team Reviews

We work with boards and teams so they are able to better understand their group dynamics, individual contributions and operational challenges. Working together we identify the areas of leverage or impediment to high-performance. The review process is usually a mix of interview, in-meeting observation, 360° feedback and formal assessment tools. At a board level our focus is on the board and directors’ understanding and display of governance, industry knowledge and stakeholder engagement as well as the board’s record and make-up with respect to diversity, skills and experience. Gaps are identified and a report provided with clear recommendations for action over agreed time horizons and if required follow up coaching sessions. We work with both listed and unlisted boards as well as with not-for-profit entities. Team reviews follow a similar process depending on the type of team and its needs. Team reviews are especially effective for executive and senior management teams, project teams, newly established teams, cross-disciplinary and matrix teams.

CEO Assist

CEO Assist has been developed by Emma M Weston as a unique support service for CEOs, senior executive and team leaders who require short-term and on the spot assistance with strategy development, execution and operational or resource management. In CEO Assist, our founder and principal Emma Weston combines coaching and consulting to execute a specific project, drive strategy and business development alongside your leadership team or simply to plug a resource gap. Working from your office and alongside your team, engagements tend to be one to three days per week across a four to twelve week period with some follow up coaching if required as a support for the executive team or individual team members. Example engagements have included: planning and preparation for a board meeting and strategy retreat including drafting of board papers, preparatory materials and organisation of the retreat; preparation of a business plan and competitor analysis for a new venture and assisting a business to establish an overseas office and entity with a new partner.

Next Steps Program

This is a program of planned and goal-oriented business development particularly targeted at start ups and new projects that have passed the initial pilot or funding phase. These businesses are now established but still young and growth may be putting pressure on cash flow and operations. Typically there is a growing customer base and a small but expanding team of employees. Challenges include managing all stakeholder expectations and continuing to operate for growth in a dynamic environment. Leadership challenges for founders may include expanding their skillsets as they become more involved with management and compliance issues in order to ensure daily operational health is maintained at the same time as strategic goals are met. Next Steps is a three to six month program where we work with the whole team to achieve business objectives and the demands of employees, customers, investors and key stakeholders.


Imagine a workplace fuelled by creativity, where inspired team members genuinely understand organisational goals and are empowered to co-create strategy and proactively contribute to business development, operational excellence and the customer experience. This is a PowerPlay environment. Using innovation games, mindfulness techniques, coaching for empowerment and focussing on partnering in and outside the workplace PowerPlay will reimagine and reignite.