About Emma M Weston

Emma M Weston provides executive, organisational and personal coaching to CEOs/founders, senior executives, directors and boards. Focussed on developing creative and empowered leadership, we also offer team or group facilitation and board and executive team coaching and reviews.

In addition to our coaching and broader team facilitation, Emma M Weston has developed three specific programs that can be tailored to your needs and those of your workplace:

At Emma M Weston, we believe your potential is unlimited and work with you to positively impact your personal and professional effectiveness. We are passionate about creative workplaces and building the foundations for sustained change in both individuals and teams.

Areas of focus include:

  • Leadership development

Leaders can be at all levels within an organisation; development of your leadership style, your signature presence as a leader and understanding the role of leadership and that you play as a leader is vital. This is even more so if you find yourself challenged in a new or changed role within an organisation.

  • “Managing up”

 “Managing up” is how you enhance the relationship between you and your superior (eg Manager to GM to CEO, CEO to Chairman or even CEO/Chairman to Major Shareholder/Stakeholder) to improve performance, create shared goals, lead with confidence and build deep trust.

  • Board and executive team reviews

High performing teams are not just about getting the best people around the table; we need to activate for value and understand the real contribution each team member is or has the capacity to make. A diversity of skills, experience and thought leadership means different things to different organisations and best practice corporate governance demands that this be known and delivered.

  • Entrepreneurs, CEO/founders and the start up community

Business founders, entrepreneurs, start ups and leaders with an entrepreneurial style have specific challenges and opportunities that are not shared across the broader business sector. Coaching that is focussed on the start up cycle (including business development and fundraising) and the transition from start up to full commercial enterprise is an area of specialty.

At Emma M Weston we love a challenge and are constantly inspired by our clients to continue to develop and improve our own business, methodologies and the support and sustainability measures we provide clients post-engagement. We work on both an assignment and sessional basis in order to flexibly meet our clients’ needs at a venue that works for you.

Please feel free to contact us at emma@emmamweston.com or using the contact form for more information about pricing, to discuss your needs or to arrange an obligation free initial consultation.

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