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It has been a long time since I have blogged and it is great to be finally doing so as part of my new endeavour at Emma M Weston. I have founded Emma M Weston Pty Ltd as a leading executive and organisational coaching business focussed purely on working with businesses of all types and their leadership teams to breakthrough to the next level and beyond. What is the “next level”? Well, it depends on you or your organisation  – it could be performance related, it could be strategic or it could be cultural. It make take the form of something that is holding you back or perhaps an opportunity that needs to be seized.

In all cases breakthroughs are possible, but they require work and often support both from within and without. I know from having being in executive and founder roles myself how hard it is to keep working on the business and not merely in the business. I have seen boards and executive teams suffer through groupthink and unexciting even poor leadership and I want this to change.

Emma M Weston is the vehicle to make this happen. Although we share the same name, Emma M Weston, the business has its own goals and like any business is more than just one person and certainly more than its leader or founder. Emma M Weston has a brand and growth trajectory that is very much its own. As the founder, I am committed to ensuring it has an identity and future that goes beyond me.

But why start a business like Emma M Weston? Well, after much thought about what I am truly passionate about, what spurs me forward, what I am curious and what to learn more about and honestly what ticks me off when I see it done badly, I knew. I knew that I wanted to be be part of and contribute in a valuable way to leadership development and transformation in our business and broader community, I decided that working to build on strengths, to identify pathways for success and and positive change was vital. Coaching is a fantastic mode to to explore and develop change at both personal and professional levels. Working with individuals, teams and organisations to make this happen is exciting and I get to see results in real-time.

Exciting times are ahead. Bring focus to yourself and your goals and start making a difference.



“I imagine what would happen if everyone turned their regrets into wishes [and] went around shouting them.” ― Nina LaCour

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