Life’s a Cruise but I’ll be happy when it’s not

Well this is just a very quick update to let you all know that my radio silence has been due to a few very busy days (read weeks) and the fact that I am now somewhere in the South Pacific heading for Vanuatu. I know, I know, it sounds awesome but honestly it’s not.

We have just had 3 days of bad (but apparently not dreadful) weather which has meant most of the ship has been closed, well the outside areas anyway. Given the inside is a cross between Las Vegas and a Pharaoh’s Tomb, outside is generally where you want to be. So due to bad weather we have spent a lot of time in our cabin which whilst perfectly fine is really intended for sleeping only not for spending days on end inside of. Our balcony which we paid extra for has seen no use except for our hopeful forays out each morning before coming back inside: “yep, still windy and raining”.

I seriously have a whole series of blogs in me about this experience (which is a first and therefore qualifies as a First Empression) and I am trying to surreptitiously take some awesome pictures of my fellow cruisers so I will keep this post short. We arrive in Vanuatu tomorrow and it will be great to try and get my land legs back. I am picturing snorkelling in bath-warm water under a radiant blue sky with parrot-coloured coral fish below, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. That way if is merely an extension of this cruise by look and feel but on land, I won’t be too disappointed.

Highlight so far: my 6 year old’s karaoke last night in front of 120+ drunk and dizzy cruisers!

3 thoughts on “Life’s a Cruise but I’ll be happy when it’s not

  1. Hi Emma,
    Was lovely to meet you and Your lovely daughter on the cruise. Would love if you could email me the pics from Noumea as ours are terrible.
    Thankyou so much
    Michelle, Adam and Jack

    • Hi Michelle – likewise it was great to meet you, Adam and of course Jack. I would be happy to send through some photos from Noumea; I am just editing them at the moment and then will email through to you. Take care, Emma

  2. Oh no this sounds awful. Given my sealegs just as well I am not on board. If nothing else Tilda should have got good use from the holiday activity book I sent her. I am at a conference at the moment and dinner has just finished but mobile reception is bad where I am; so am standing in the doorway of my balcony on a fairly chilly night in out of town Melbourne. Dark night but can hear crickets chirping and sheep baaing so kind of soothing. Hope the weather is better and the water warm. Mumxx

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