Executive & organisational coaching and leadership development

Executive & Organisational Coaching

Investing in executive and organisational coaching is a commitment to personal and professional transformation. Find out more about what coaching is and what it can do for you and your team

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Facilitation & Team Reviews

Building high performing teams and fostering workplace creativity and innovation are hallmarks of organisational success. This starts from the top with the board, CEO and executive teams

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CEO Assist

For those times you and your business need an extra helping hand. CEO Assist combines coaching with business consulting expertise to help CEOs and senior leaders in times of need

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Our Approach

Coaching for executive and organisational success is about thinking and then acting differently; whether at an individual or organisational level. Many leaders and businesses face stumbling blocks to ultimate performance despite initial or superficial successes. Using a strengths based approach to leadership, professional development and high performing teams; we work with both individual and corporate clients to build pathways for change and transformation whether the focus is you, your team or organisation.

Emma M Weston works with businesses and senior leaders to explore potentiality and to create a goal landscape that is meaningful and will drive ongoing success. Our qualified coaches are business savvy, have senior executive experience and will provide positive challenge to break away from old habits and ways of thinking. We put the coaching counterpart and the coaching counterpart's goals at the centre of each and every engagement; working to align individual and organisational objectives. In short, we help you commit to knowing what you want and then achieving it.

Coaching is an investment and outcomes need to be measured. Within the bounds of confidentiality; engagement reporting and regular feedback between coach, coaching counterpart and client organisation is fundamental to a shared purpose as well as to tracking progress. Confidential detailed summaries are provided to the coaching counterpart after each session and client organisation progress reporting occurs at least quarterly and is focussed on the engagement objectives.

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